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Types of work performed by our equipment

Nowadays, technologies that use the cleansing and damaging characteristics of a jet of water of high pressure are increasingly used in various industries. They are actively used where necessary to quickly, efficiently and safely perform the cleaning and surface preparation works. Such equipment for its intended purpose is multifunctional and can perform a wide range of works with the best economic parameters.

The cleaning action principle is based on the effect of force impact of the high-pressure water jet on the surface. The jet of water, due to the velocity pressure, cuts through layers that need to be removed from the surface and creates the efforts that destroy and tear layers from their bases. Herewith the stream of water allows removing from the surface impurities and deposits of any physical nature and chemical composition, including corrosion, preserving greases, tars, bitumen, paint coatings, soot, scale, etc. Abrasive injection into the jet allows to remove easily surface layers of concrete, granite and metal.

A very important feature is that the use of hydrodynamic cleaning method allows to remove different layers even in places that are often inaccessible to the machine tool.

The advantages of the hydrodynamic method of cleaning:

  • has a wide range of application
  • provides high works productivity
  • helps significantly save resources
  • enables the use of various cleaning tools
  • allows to clean constructions of practically any geometric dimensions
  • does not lead to the dusting
  • possibility of works performance in explosion and fire zones
  • water cleaning method is environmentally safe
  • does not lead to deformation of the surface being cleaned

That's why every day a professional cleaning under high pressure becomes more and more common way of manufacturing equipment tending in industrial enterprises, in sphere of small and medium-sized businesses.