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About Limens

"Limens" is one of the largest manufacturers of washing aggregates of high pressure on the CIS territory. Our equipment is adapted to the most complex operating conditions and able to solve tasks on washing and cleaning of surfaces with water under high pressure in different areas of industry and agriculture.

The main activity of the company aims to create a high-quality and competitive product that meets the domestic and foreign standards. Accumulated since 1991 rich experience of cooperation with leading European manufacturers of high pressure aggregates allowed us in 2002 to start production of own products, which soon gained the wide popularity and credibility not only in Belarus but also outside it.

"Limens" today is:

  • The manufacture of domestic high-pressure aggregates
  • The development of the newest and unique solutions for surface washing and cleaning
  • The delivery of components for high-pressure aggregates
  • The high quality and efficiency of service
  • The regional representative offices in Russia

We are not resting on our laurels. Day by day the geography of supplies of equipment is widened, new aggregates and high pressure complexes are developed, development work of regional networks of sales and service of "Limens" products is improved.

Our slogan is "Water as a tool ..." to the full extent corresponds to the purpose of Limens devices that work in the pressure ranges from 100 to 1500 bar, and have the capacity of up to 300 l / min. Our device is capable of becoming indispensable helper whereon high energy savings, environmental standards compliance, execution speed of the washing and cleaning tasks and, first of all, quality of works performed is needed.

The most popular application areas of Limens aggregates of high pressure are:

  • interior and exterior cleaning of dairy tank trucks
  • cleaning of sewer pipes and channels by hydrodynamic method
  • cleaning of tubular and plate heat exchangers from scale and other deposits
  • integrated washing of manufacturing facilities and production equipment in processing plants
  • interior and exterior washing of large tanks and reservoirs
  • abrasive jet  method cleaning  of the surface from rust, tabular corrosion and scale
  • abrasive jet  method cleaning  of the surface from old paint, impurities of various kinds,  bituminous and  roll waterproofing
  • cleaning and washing of cells, floors and equipment
  • fertilizing crops
  • washing of vehicles and agricultural equipment
  • washing and cleaning of r/w carriages for following painting, cleaning of carriages wheel pairs
  • cleaning of facades from paint and plaster
  • rehabilitation of concrete and reinforced concrete, opening of reinforcement in concrete, cleaning of formwork