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Limens has been an active player in the high-pressure devices market company for over 15 years. During this time we have gained certain experience in tasks solution on washing and cleaning of various surfaces and materials using a jet of water under high pressure. This experience resulted in a wide range of aggregates, which produces our organization.

Devices manufactured by Limens are classified both by the class of tasks solved and by the form of their performance. We offer aggregates with pressure of 100 bar and above, up to 3000 bar. We produce devices both standard on configuration and the class of tasks solved and strictly individual, taking into account the demands and peculiarities of a particular customer.

Our company is also ready to offer a huge range of accessories for high-pressure aggregates, which will not only improve the quality of work, help to adapt the aggregates to the needs and particularities of your business, improve productivity, but also help to reduce the resources consumed.


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